About Me

kk-BIOSure, I talk to myself, but I’m not crazy. Somewhere up in my brain, gathered around a campfire, there are grizzled old cowboys, dead presidents, horses, 1940s movie stars, or maybe even an octopus discussing which one would want to come out next. These characters of our American culture speak to me and remind me of a more romantic period in history.

I’ve always considered myself to be an artist. I think that most people start out as artists, but as they grow up, for unknown reasons, they put down the crayons and get interested in other things in life. I am so glad that I never put the crayon or pencil or brush down. I’m thankful for the gift of creativity that God gave me, for without it, I have no idea what kind of person I would be. I am a self-taught artist and would like to take a minute here to thank my teacher. I hope that when you view my work it will bring you the same joy that it brings me to make it. I hope you smile (the octopus told me to say that).

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